By using our services or any related services you automatically agree to the following terms of service.

· Making a donation to Breakout Incorporated you are not entitled to any tangible goods.
· You are purchasing virtual items, these are non-replaceable and offer no real life value.
· Refunds are offered at our sole discretion. A chargeback will result in a ban.
· Breakout Incorporated decides which virtual gifts you receive for your donation.
· Not adhering to these terms of service will result in your IP being banned from Breakout Incorporated and all affiliated services. You must also follow all the rules listed here - http://bit.ly/2zBWEt0
· You will not take any legal action against the server, staff, members, or website in regards to your contribution.

We also accept Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies. Contact us in our discord https://discord.gg/feXtFXj